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EXO-M Sleeping Habits

~Luhan, Lay, and Kris share a bedroom in their dorm~
Host:So can you tell us about your roommates' sleeping habits?
Lay:Well, Luhan kicks you in his sleep if you go near his bed.
Host:Really? O_O Then Luhan, what are some of Lay's sleeping habits, since he revealed yours?
Luhan:Hmm... Lay? There's really nothing to say about him... But Kris sleep talks.
Host:He sleep talks?!
Luhan:Yeah, but the most unique thing about his sleep talking is that he speaks in three languages. Sometimes I can't even understand him. He uses English... Chinese... Korean...
Lay:And Cantonese.
Luhan:Oh yeah, sometimes Cantonese too.
Host:Then Kris, what types of things do you say in your sleep?
Kris:Sometimes I don't even know, there are too many languages.
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